What is Connect Socialyx About?

Connect Socialyx is a new way to bring attention to something, a way to be heard. Connect.Socialyx is a crowdspeaking platform that posts and connects social media with what you need to be known. It starts with a single message that’s shared via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

It doesn’t matter how many friends or followers you have to be successful. 

It’s Free, you just sign up using one of the social networks and share it. Fastest way to get needed attention for promotion and growth of anything. Possible reach millons of people, go Viral from one click.

It’s simple as 1, 2, 3, 4

1) Join Connect Socialyx for free with one of your social accounts.

2) We help you showcase your idea to the world with a few simple steps.

3) Share the project link and get your campaign supported!

4) Campaigns will be get their message shared by all supporters!